See America the Beautiful!!

Road tripping is a beautiful thing. You see parts of the country that you wouldn’t see from the air. You learn so much almost useless – but highly entertaining – information along the way. Just this morning, I learned that Laura Ingalls Wilder lived in South Dakota when she met Almonzo (it’s been years since I read the books).

One of the draws to a USA road trip is visiting some of the uniquely different national parks…and we plan to visit as many as possible along the way (I think we have five planned!).


This morning we stopped at Badlands National Park (more to come on THAT story, just know: it was AMAZING). Guess what: IT WAS FREE!

Look, we haven’t talked much about it before, but one of the best skills the Dirty Nana passed down to her daughters was getting a deal. We got a deal! All of our national park visits will be free this year!


It’s a military perk! All of you active duty soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and coasties – it’s free!!


Find your park!

Keeping It Kool on the Keewaydin Express

Last summer, the Dirty Diva relocated to South Florida, where she started carving a life of her own on Marco Island. It’s been a little overwhelming for Mrs. Dirty to have her so far away – mainly because she’s out numbered at home.

We’ve made several trips to Marco Island over the last year. Who wouldn’t?


Over our Spring Break, the Dirty Boy & I headed down to see our girl and get some Vitamin Sea. There’s nothing like the ocean to cure what ails you. Nothing.

Marco Island is the largest of the barrier islands within Southwest Florida’s “Ten Thousand Islands”. Can you imagine – ten thousand islands? Ten thousand islands scream, “Where’s your boat, woman?!”

Unfortunately, we were boat-less. No, we didn’t even bring our kayaks! Who comes to a place like this without a kayak, at the least?!

Enter the Keewaydin Express.


The Keewaydin Express, named for the uninhabited barrier island that is their primary destination, is a water taxi service that shuttles visitors to the island for much needed relaxation.


Captain Jordan, our guide & owner of the Keewaydin Express, was extremely knowledgeable about the flora & fauna of the area. He provides beach chairs & umbrellas, if you forget yours (of course we did!). Best of all? He was very patient with the barrage of questions coming the Dirty Family.

If you are planning a trip to Marco and you don’t have a boat (or you just don’t want to fool around driving a boat in unfamiliar waters), I highly recommend you give Captain Jordan & the Keewaydin Express a call.


They have a discounted summer fare available now!

While you’re there, tell him I said thanks for everything!

Disclaimer: I stole most of the pics from the Keewaydin Express Facebook page. You can find it here.