Greetings from the Dirty Duo! I know what you are thinking… why are they called The Dirty Duo?? We’re not “dirty” in the middle school sense (as a middle school teacher, Mrs. Dirty is *just a little*). We don’t sit around telling dirty jokes & taking dirty pictures. We don’t visit dirty websites. We will very rarely talk about anything – with the exception of peeing, pooping, or other bodily functions – that would make our mothers blush(at least not on here). Note: Mrs. Dirty’s mom, Dirty Nana, never blushes. She is a rare woman, indeed.

So WHY are we The Dirty Duo (you know I hear a very dramatic narrator’s voice every time I type “The Dirty Duo”, right)? We LOVE to get dirty. We don’t go out there and roll around in the stuff. That would be weird. (We may be strange. We may be a little crazy. We may love adventure. We are most certainly NOT weird. Just saying.) On one of those “fun” days that couples have, we usually end up covered in dirt or mud, as the case may be.

Exhibit A: Mr. Dirty at the Down & Dirty hosted by Merrell & Subaru.


Exhibit B: Mrs. Dirty at the Down & Dirty hosted by Merrell & Subaru.


Exhibit C: After a weekend in the woods


We have two fabulous kids: Dirty Diva & Dirty Boy


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