Badlands National Park

We hadn’t planned to visit Badlands NP, but the Dirty Boy successfully talked Mr. Dirty into dropping into the park from I90 to drive the Badlands Loop Road. (He doesn’t ALWAYS get what he wants, but this IS an adventure!)


We completely unaware that you could hike into the canyons & climb around out there… at least until a park ranger suggested we get some dirt in our shoes. We definitely need to carve out a block of time to go back out & get lost.


On a side note, we saw a young family (no picture, sadly) who were climbing around the Door area of the park. The daughter, about 6 years old – a total spitfire, told Mrs. Dirty that her brothers didn’t think she could climb down to a cave in the bottom of the canyon. She smiled a very familiar smile and said, “Watch me do it!”


I’m happy to report that she made it to the cave – all on her own. She was so cool!!


Thanks, Dirty Boy, for being so persuasive!!


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